What Does a Coach Do?

Coaches assist you in deepening your learning, improving your performance, and enhancing your quality of life. Progress is made as the coach gathers from you, through solution-focused conversations, exactly what you desires to achieve. Then he encourages
you to consider all the possibilities, even the ones that seem out of reach. The coaching conversation always focuses on four questions: 1. What do you want? 2. How might you get it? 3. How might you commit to making this happen? 4. How will you know if you got it? The coach guides you into generating your own insights and solutions so that you truly own the outcome and understands your personal potential for maintaining a positive direction in the future.

After establishing rapport and building trust in the relationship, a coach begins to use his communication skills by asking pertinent and powerful questions. This moves the client toward learning to think outside the proverbial box, realizing that continuing to do the same things in the same ways will not lead to positive change and progress. Listening to the client’s responses to questions, making key observations, and suggesting helpful tools and exercises, allows the coach to lead the client into a place of clarity, focus, and readiness for action. This enhanced awareness and motivation enables the coach/client partnership to begin planning, setting goals, and designing effective action steps. Ultimately, the client develops a vision and a blueprint for a preferred future, accompanied by very real ways to progress in that direction at all times, while the coach encourages and holds the client accountable to his own decisions and commitments.