Young Adult Life Coaching:
Initial 2 sessions are complimentary one-hour sessions, during which the young adult and Life Coach “check each other out,” and determine whether they will work well together.

For the young adult life coaching process to work, the young adult his or herself must be invested in the process. If, after the initial meetings, the young adult is not interested in working with the Young Adult Life Coach, we will not meet further unless the young adult changes his or her mind.

If the Young Adult Life Coach determines that she cannot help the young adult with her or his difficulties—if they are beyond his scope—he will notify you, the parent, of that fact after the initial meeting, and will recommend the type of resource he believes will benefit the young adult.

Each young adult coaching session includes the following:
  • One hour coaching session, at a predetermined time using Skype video or audio
  • Free recording of session e-mailed to young adult within 24 hours.
  • Two e-mail communications that week for any help with assignment or questions.

Rates for all services are as follows. Fees are payable, through the WePay system on the website. If a client doesn’t have a credit or debit card arrangements can be made to use Western Union or Xoom to send money directly into a checking account. All money transactions must be converted from PH Peso to USD. For this type payment it must be made at least 3 working days in advance to make sure it has cleared through the bank. Payment must be made and received prior to the start of the session. If client arrives online without payment, session will not proceed.

·       Pay-Per-(1 hour) Session: $20 / $20 Total
·       Four (1 hour) Sessions: $18 / $72 Total
These offers are only good for young adults completing their first and second session of the 2 FREE Life's Passions Coaching Sessions.
These packages include 60 minutes of Life Coaching/Mentoring Session(s) by Skype with free recording of sessions offered and emailed to you within 24hours. With the 4 session package all sessions must be used consecutively.
* Once payments are made there are no refunds for any reason.

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