Terms & Conditions

Cancellation requires 24-hour notice.

Long-term contract clients: Long-term contracts have a “no refund” cancellation policy. If a scheduled session is cancelled with 24 hours’ notice by text or e-mail, it may be rescheduled within the same Monday to Sunday week, dependent upon Young Adult Life Coaching’s availability. Session may not be rescheduled after that week’s end. During most weeks, rescheduling will be possible; however, the client might have to select a date and time that is not their first choice.
Pay-by-the-session clients: If two sessions are cancelled without 24 hours’ notice, in order to continue working with Young Adult Life Coaching, the client must sign up for a prepaid, long-term contract. Client will be notified after the second cancellation.
Young Adult Life Coaching’s cancellation: In the event of an emergency, Young Adult Life Coaching might need to cancel a session. In this event, another session may be scheduled and you will not be charged for the session . The client understands that if technical difficulties such as a power outage or internet failure prevail for the client or Young Adult Life Coaching and a session is stopped from beginning or is interrupted after already starting, Young Adult Life Coaching will take full responsibility for rescheduling for another session and you will not be charged for that session.
Clients who are not present within 5 minutes of the session’s scheduled starting time are considered “no show.” Payment is non refundable in the event of a no show. If a client arrives late for a session, that session will still conclude at the end of the appointed hour.

Long-term contract clients: The no-show will count as one session; rescheduling for that session will not be available.
Pay-by-the-session clients: Client must present payment for the no-show session and for that day’s session in order for work with Young Adult Life Coaching to continue.

Young Adult Life Coaching has a very strict NO REFUND policy. All payments for service rendered are final and there are no refunds for any reason. 

Young Adult Life Coaching is NOT a medical professional or licensed psychologist. For issues with medical or psychological gravitas, Young Adult Life Coaching’s input is to be considered just that: input, rather than a medical or psychological diagnosis or directive. Before taking any action that could affect the client’s or family’s physical or psychological health, please consult with a medical professional.  Young Adult Life Coaching is not liable for the actions, behaviors, mental or emotional states of the clients that he works with.

Please have payment(s) — as revealed in the “Young Adult Life Coaching Agreement” you will receive—available in advance of the scheduled session. If client arrives to session without payment, session will not take place, and will count as a cancellation (see “Cancellation Policy,” above.)